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About this Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to your use of the web site of Internet Jive, at

This privacy statement complies with the National Privacy Principles as outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Privacy Act Amendment 2000 (Cth) for private sector organisations in Australia. A detailed explanation of the Act and the 10 National Privacy Principles can be found at

Users are encouraged to read this privacy statement in conjunction with relevant privacy laws and guidelines.

This privacy statement outlines how personal information is handled by Internet Jive. It is designed to enhance the trust between Internet Jive and the users of its website, by creating an environment of respect and fair behaviour for the collection and use of personal information. Internet Jive is committed to ensuring that the privacy of website users is maintained at all times.

Personal information collected - NPP no. 1

Statistical information may be collected for use by Internet Jive. This includes areas such as what pages have been viewed, the date and time of users visits, country of origin of users etc. No personal information which can identify the user is collected in this statistical information gathering process. The purpose of this data collection is to primarily assist Internet Jive improve its website. Cookies may be used to collect this information. This information is not made public.

Email addresses sent to Internet Jive via feedback forms or direct email, may be collected for future reference.

Use and disclosure of personal information - NPP no. 2

Internet Jive will not to sell, rent or trade your email address or any other personal information that is collected. We will not disclose any collected information unless the disclosure is required by Australian Law.

Internet Jive acts responsibly with its partners and encourages ethical information processing and handling at all times.

Personal information quality - NPP no. 3

Every attempt is made to ensure that any email address or personal information that has been collected are maintained and up to date.

Personal information security - NPP no. 4

Internet Jive is committed in making sure that any personal information you send us (via the website or email) is kept as practically secure as possible. Internet Jive will make every attempt to protect your information from loss, misuse or alteration, by any person or group that has potential access to your data.

Openness - NPP no. 5

This privacy statement will be available on the majority of pages throughout the website located via the privacy link at the bottom of each page. Further clarification of this statement can be obtained by contacting Internet Jive directly.

Access to personal information - NPP no. 6

You are allowed to request what data Internet Jive has regarding your personal information. There is no fee associated with lodging a request for access to personal information.

Identifiers - NPP no. 7

Data from any Commonwealth sources (such as a tax file or Medicare numbers) are not used throughout the site to identify users. Internet Jive does not seek out any identifiers that might be associated with the personal data that a user might supply.

Anonymity - NPP no. 8

It is possible to contact Internet Jive via the website for general inquiries without having to be identified. A person identity is not required by Internet Jive for the successful use of the website.

Transborder data flows - NPP no. 9

Some information that is collected by Internet Jive in the form of email, may be stored on a computer system, hosted outside Australia.

Sensitive information - NPP no. 10

There might be occasions where Internet Jive requires sensitive information from a a user for a particular purpose. Clear evidence will be given by Internet Jive why this is necessary and an explanation provided on how the information will be gathered.


A ‘cookie’ is a packet of information that allows the server (the computer that houses the web site) to identify and interact more effectively with your computer.

Cookies may be used by Internet Jive to order to obtain statistical data. No personal information will be collected via the use of cookies.

Promotional material via e-mail

By contacting Internet Jive via email, you may be added to an automated mailout list for the purpose of promotional material from Internet Jive. At all times you will be given the option to opt out of this list (via links within the email), and your email address will be removed from the database.

Changes to this Statement

Internet Jive will make changes to this privacy statement as required when new policies or services are introduced. This policy was last updated on the 17th June, 2006.

Contact us about Privacy

If you would like further information regarding this privacy statement or if you think we have breached any aspect of this privacy statement, please contact us by:

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