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Weekly news about the latest search engine changes, how to get high search engines rankings and tips and tricks for good web design and ethical search engine optimization.

Google prefers HTTPS sites - Are your site security settings correct?

Some time ago, Google announced that they planned to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Later, Google said they they started indexing HTTPS pages by default. Checking the security settings of your website is easy if you have a SEOprofiler account. Among many other important things, the Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler also checks the security settings of your server. You get a detailed check of the security settings of your website, as well as tips on how to improve these settings.

How does a mobile crawl of your website look like?

Google has been very clear: mobile pages are going to be more important than the desktop versions of your web pages. In the near future, Google's index will be a mobile-first index. Are your pages ready for Google's new index? How doe your web pages look like when they are crawled by a mobile bot?

The great ranking mystery: why your pages donít rank although everything seems to be okay

You have a great website, it has a great design, it has great content, it contains all of the important keywords, the usability is fine... but: the website does not have good rankings on search engines. Many webmasters experience this problem. Fortunately, there is a way to solve seemingly inexplicable ranking problems.

New in SEOprofiler: the very best SEO website audit tool that you can get

Based on your feedback, and on our long experience as search engine optimization tool developers, we have created a brand new Website Audit tool that will help you to improve your web pages quickly and easily. The new version has been rewritten from scratch. It offers many new features and improvements that enable you to work even more efficiently than before.

How to get on Google's first page by following four rules

A page one listing in Google's search results for the right keyword can lead to a lot of visitors and a lot of sales. That's why so many people want to be on Google's first result page. There are four simple rules that will help you to get your website on Google's first result page. These four rules even work with Google's new machine learning algorithm.

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