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Weekly news about the latest search engine changes, how to get high search engines rankings and tips and tricks for good web design and ethical search engine optimization.

New in SEOprofiler: find out how well your tagged keywords perform

If you monitor many keywords that are related to your business then it can become difficult to keep track of all of them. The 'tags' feature in SEOprofiler helps you to create keyword clusters without changing the actual keywords.

New in SEOprofiler: check your rankings by result type

We have added many new features to the Ranking Monitor in the past few weeks. Today, we have added another great feature to the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler: you can monitor your rankings by result type.

New in SEOprofiler: track rankings of businesses that do not have a website

Although this sounds odd, it is not unusual that businesses without a website get listed on Google's first result page (and on other search engines). With the new version of the Ranking Monitor, you can also track the rankings of businesses by business name.

New in SEOprofiler: 160 countries and languages

The Top 10 Optimizer and the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler now support 160 countries and languages. If you want to promote your website nationally and internationally, SEOprofiler is the right tool for you.

New in SEOprofiler: progression charts on the overview page

We have added another new feature to the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler: the overview page now shows progression charts for all tracked parameters on Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo.

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